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Dr. Jen DiCicco, PT, DPT  is a pediatric physical therapist with over 15 years’ experience. She has had the distinct pleasure of working with hundreds of babies in her career and is eager to share her knowledge with every parent. Bringing your newborn baby home can be an exciting and overwhelming time in a parent’s life. It is full of many joys and many unknowns. Baby Steps, LLC was created to help parents navigate this period. Through one-on-one in home consulting, we provide education on infant development, daily routines, floor time and tummy time play, preventing head flatness, calming techniques, feeding techniques, and methods to create a nurturing and stimulating environment.    

Jen DiCicco graduated from Marymount University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2008.  She has worked in many pediatric therapy settings including hospital based, outpatient services, and clinic based.  She has previously performed cranial banding services to infants with head shape abnormalities and has extensive knowledge in prevention of head flattening.  Jen has also provided therapy to children through the North Carolina early intervention program and specializes in the treatment and prevention of developmental delay in infants and toddlers.  Jen grew up in Northern Virginia and moved to Charlotte in 2010 where she lives with her husband Dave and her two beautiful daughters.  


As a society we often take the wait and see approach and we are beginning to realize that there is far greater success with preventive healthcare.  The goal and mission at Baby Steps, LLC is to get pertinent information to parents at the start of their baby's life.   We strive to help every family establish personalized routines, get back to basics by limiting baby equipment,  prevent head flatness before it starts, and arm parents with the knowledge and tools to help their baby achieve their developmental milestones.  


All sessions are 60 minutes and performed at the client's home.  We see clients within the following zip codes: 28105, 28203, 28204, 28205, 28207, 28209, 28210, 28211, 28226, 28227, 28287.  

A 10 minute introductory call will be performed before the session occurs.  

We are an out of pocket practice and do not accept insurance.  HSA and FSA payments are accepted and we can provide all clients with a superbill to submit to their out of network insurance benefits. 

Individual Consulting Sessions

Prenatal Session:  $125

Postnatal Session 2-12 weeks:   $125

Postnatal Session  12-20 weeks:  $125

Crawl Baby Crawl: $95

Developmental Assessment: $150

3 Session Package:  $275 

Gift Cards Available

3 Sessions Package

Prenatal session, Postnatal 

session (2-12 weeks), Postnatal session (12-20 weeks)


Torticollis, Head Shape Assessment (Plagiocephaly & Brachycephaly), Gross Motor Delay, Prematurity, 

Physical Therapy evaluation: $150

Physical Therapy session: $95

  Physical Therapy


"Jen DiCicco, is amazing! If you want tips and strategies to help prevent flat head, she’s your girl. Exceptionally knowledgeable, relatable and genuinely loves her patients."

Christy D. 

“The baby whisperer” is what we nicknamed Dr. DiCicco. Our pediatrician recommended Dr. DiCicco to help our baby with her tight neck and flat head, which she successfully treated, but we learned so much more. Dr. DiCicco taught us noises and positions to shush our fussy napper into pleasant slumber, she changed tummy time from a screaming battle to giggling play time, she introduced us to toys that made our baby squeal with delight and most of all she spent time educating us on everything we didn’t even know, we didn’t know about babies. Dr. DiCicco has been an invaluable asset to our family."

Melissa T. 

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Jen DiCicco, PT, DPT, owner

980-585-9950 (phone)

571-344-2220 (cell) 

1-704-981-6178 (fax)

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